Emergency Survival Kit with Carabiner


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Emergency Survival Kit with Carabiner

Features & Specifications:
-Lightweight and durable
-Small size
-Can be used as a key ring or attached to backpack
-Not suitable for children
-Overall length (with carabiner): 11 cm
-Width: 5cm
-Thickness: 2.3cm
-Length of dismounted paracord: 2.7m
-Knife length: 5cm

-Available colors: Black, green and camouflage.

Package Includes:
-1 x Carabiner
-1 x Tin Foil
-1 x Eye Knife
-1 x Cotton Tinder
-1 x Fire Lighter
-1 x Whistle
-1 x Blade
-1 x Paracord
-1 x Fishing Floats
-1 x Fishing Line
-1 x Pivoting Weights
-1 x Hooks
-1 x Small Sharp Knife
-1 x Needles