Essential Oil Diffuser Metal Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusor | 3 Options to Choose


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Essential oil diffuser metal ultrasonic aroma diffusor | 3 options to choose

* Water tank capacity: 100 mL
* Noise level: 35dB
* Size: 9*9*15.5cm
* Power: 12w
* Input power: AC 100-240V 50/ 60Hz
* Advanced ultrasound technology: 2.4MHz
* Product net weight: 270g With package weight: 470g
* Working hours: 3 hours (spray mist continuously)/6 hours (spray mist discontinuously).

* Oil is not included in the package.
* Please read the instructions carefully before use.
* Clean the nebulizer regularly. Please clean the diffuser at least once a week and keep it dry when not in use.
* Do not touch the ultrasonic vibrating plate inside the tank directly with your hand.
* If the aroma diffuser emits very little steam, the water level may be too high, so the piezoelectric plate cannot atomize all of the water.
* 1 x Essential Oil Diffuser
* 1 x Power Adapter
* 1 x User Manual