Five-Piece Damaged Screw Extractor Set


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Five-Piece Damaged Screw Extractor Set


  • SUPER DURABLE- These screws are made out of a heavy duty S2 hardened steel construction and are tempered twice for extra hardness and durability. Works on wood and machine screws, as well as flat, hex, or painted over screws.
  • 5 PIECE SET- Screws come in a 5 piece set of different sized screw extractors that way you have everything you need for any size screw you encounter.
  • EASY TO USE- These extractors are incredibly easy to use with just a simple 2 step process. Use the drill bit of the extractor to drill a hole into the screw and then flip the tool to the extractor side to remove the screw.
  • REMOVE DAMAGED SCREWS- These extractors will remove any damaged, stripped, rusted, broken, or stuck screws from any wood or metal surface with relative ease.
  • CONVENIENT- These extractors also come in a small, convenient packaging that way you can bring these bits anywhere you need in a tool box, bag, or even your pocket!
  • This 5-pc screw extractor set is designed for removing broken screws or bolts without damaging hole threads; it comes with a storage case.ย 


  • Remove broken screws or bolts without damaging hole threads
  • Oxide-finished blade for durability
  • Complete with storage case
  • Screw extractor sizes: 1/8โ€™โ€™ - 1/4โ€™โ€™ | 1/4โ€™โ€™ - 5/16โ€™โ€™ | 5/16โ€™โ€™ - 7/16โ€™โ€™ | 7/16โ€™โ€™ - 9/16โ€™โ€™ | 9/16โ€™โ€™ - 3/4โ€™โ€™ย 

Package Include:

  • 1 Xย Five-Piece Damaged Screw Extractor Set

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