Fixed T-slot Miter Track Stop Chute Stopper 30/45 Manual Woodworking Diy Tools


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Fixed T-Slot miter track stop chute stopper 30/45 manual woodworking DIY tools.

Type: Miter track stop
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Overall Size: 10x8x3cm/ 3.94x3.15x1.18 inch
Function: for 45 / 30 type track locating and fixing in any position
Color: Red

- Perfect for woodworking, suitable for T-Slot, T-Tracks.
- It can help limit the length of the chute.
- Very easy to use, and the stopper can be locked.
- Ergonomic design makes it easier to operate.
- You can use it to build your own miter fence with stop.
Package Included:
1 x Miter Track Stop 30 Type / 45 Type