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Floof Builders Set Bucket 150gms

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Floof builders set bucket 150gms

* Easy to mold, soft and smooth texture and never dries out!
* For best results, start with clean, dry hands before molding your Floof.
* Humidity, lotions and /or wet hands leave a slight residue on hands.
* If this occurs, just wash and dry your hands before resuming play.
* Have fun!
* Indoor Snow That Is Easy To Mold and Can Be Used Over and Over Again!
* Super Soft and Smooth Texture That Feels Lighter Than Air!
* Easy Clean-up with a damp cloth.
* The product is water soluble – DO NOT mix with water.
* Safe and non-toxic formula – not for consumption.
* When finished playing, store Floor back in its container.
* Suitable Ages: Ages 3+

Package Includes:
* Brick Roller
* Cobble Roller
* Arrow
* Cutter