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Folding Mechanical 10000M Distance Accurate Measuring Meter Wheel Walking Tape Measure



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Folding Mechanical 10000M Distance Accurate Measuring Meter Wheel Walking Tape Measure
  • Useful measuring wheel to measure distance with accurate and reliable result.
  • Easy to use, just simply walking a straight line and it will record the distance automatically.
  • With a reset knob for zero clearing and easy reading.
  • Hand brake on grip for precise measuring; sealed, gear-driven transmission for durability, handy kickstand supports wheel.
  • Folding structure design, convenient to carry.
  • High quality and large wheel can move smoothly.
  • Widely used in professional surveying and mapping operations, road engineering, pipeline laying, cable engineering construction work measurement and evaluation, garden landscape and golf course construction survey, traffic accidents from the position measurement, and measurement of farmland construction management, etc., and its time-saving advantages of easy growing number of industry sectors are discovered and utilized.
  • Great for contractors, estimators, engineers, landscapers, paving contractors, utility personnel, surveyors, police works, facility engineers, telecommunications contractors; fencing, flooring and janitorial specialists; appraisers and real estate pros.
  • The counter can be easily reset with your thumb atop the ergonomically designed grip, or by using your foot down at the counter.
  • An integrated carrying handle with rubber grip provides an easy and comfortable way to carry.
  • Color: Yellow/Blue
  • Material: ABS
  • Max. Measurement: 9999.9m
  • Accuracy: 0.5%
  • Mechanical large wheel
  • Height before folding: 1150mm
  • Height after folding: 500mm
  • Diameter: 318mm
  • Wheel rubber thickness: 8.3mm
  • Drive: gear drive
Package Include:
  • 1 x Distance Measuring Meter Wheel

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