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Gel Cushion Open Patella Knee Support

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Gel cushion open patella knee support
This knee support provides compression for weak or overstressed knees and reduces pressure on the kneecap. The open cutout over the patella helps improve patellar tracking, which in turn helps reduce knee pain. Made of neoprene, this support retains body heat and provides even compression without restricting your knee mobility. Fits left or right.
* The kneecap features a hoop and loop fastener strap for controlled support and compression.
* Keeps muscles and joints warm and limber
* Open Patella relieves pressure on the patella
* Designed to maximize support
* Uses high-performance materials
* Size: 30cm x 18.5cm
* Colour: Black

Package Includes:
1 x Gel Cushion Open Patella Knee Support