Giantz High Pressure Washer with Accessories


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High Pressure Washer with Accessories

With the GIANTZ High Pressure Washer, cleaning and washing just about anything is a breeze. It’s massive maximum 3500psi water pressure can easily take out and remove any grime or dirt without the slightest hassle while its turbo-head lets you increase coverage.
The High Pressure Washer is easy to manoeuvre with its lightweight and compact design that comes with attached wheels for easy mobility. A 10-metre long hose further helps to reach areas to clean without having to move the machine closer. The integrated hose roller also makes it easy to retract and store the hose neatly. Starting up is an easy one-button activation and squeezing the trigger to commence spraying. Not least, there is an auto motor stop function each time the trigger is released, to ensure that the motor is not overworked, thereby extending its life span.
Perfect for cleaning cars, windows or pathways, the GIANTZ High Pressure Washer comes with a host of bonus cleaning accessories and is a definite must-have with your arsenal of quality cleaning equipment.

* Maximum 3500psi
* 10m long hose with integrated hose roller
* 5M cable with Australian plug
* Turbo head
* Auto motor stop
* Lightweight and compact
* Convenient carry handle
* Wheeled base
* Easy one-button start
* One-litre built-in detergent tank

* Maximum pressure: 3500psi (241Bar)
* Continuous power: 2250psi (172Bar)
* Voltage: 240V/ 50Hz
* Rated Flow rate: 8.5L/min
* Max Flow rate: 6.8L/min
* Hose length: 10m
* Cable length: 5m

Package Content
1 x GIANTZ Pressure Washer
1 x Lance Gun
1 x Hose Connector
1 x Water Filter
1 x Detergent Bottle
1 x Fixed Brush
1 x Rotary Brush
1 x Floor Cleaner
5 x Pro Nozzles
1 x User Manual