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Glow in the Dark Anti-Slip Grip Tape- 2” Wide and 14’ Long Roll


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Glow in the Dark Anti-Slip Grip Tape- 2” Wide and 14’ Long Roll

Features & Specifications:

  • ANTI-SLIP GRIP TAPE – Abco Anti-slip grip tapes are ideal for places like stairs and other slippery surfaces where you are prone to fall and hurt yourselves. The tapes improve safety of your place and help maintain high level of safety culture – thus reducing the risk of injuries and cracked bones.
  • SUFFICIENT WIDTH & LONG ROLL – The tapes come in 2” wide strips which help provide sufficient grip on the surface. Moreover, our grip tape comes in 14’ long roll that can be cut into pieces to meet your custom requirements and is therefore suitable for all kinds of stair sizes or floor dimensions.
  • IMPROVED VISIBILITY – The glow-in-dark tapes also illuminate the local area in which they are sticked and improve visibility during night – thus further reducing the risk of tripping over or slipping. This grip tape offers a cost-effective way of improving safety of any place – be it your home, corporate building, industrial area or any other such area.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY – The grip tapes are made up of superior quality material that doesn’t easily wear or tear and also requires negligible maintenance after installation. Also, a 14’ long roll provides sufficient coverage, thus making our grip tapes an ideal choice for you. More importantly, the tapes do not compromise aesthetics of a place yet give you considerably improved safety levels.
  • Weight(lbs): 1

Package Include:

  • 1 x Anti-slip Grip Tape