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Harry Potter - Elder's Light Painting Wand Dumbledore

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* Harry potter - the elder's light painting wand use the light from your wand to draw beautiful patronus charms in mid ­air, recreate dramatic wand battles from the movies or simply write your name in the sky
* Create amazing light-painting photos & videos with this illuminated replica wand from Dumbledor's Elderberry.
* The wand is designed to fit comfortably in the hands of witches and wizards of ages 8 and up to channel their powers and abilities.
* Download the free app for iOS and Android.
* The free WOW! Stuff Light Painting App is available for both iOS and Android and lets you create stunning works of art that can be shared from your smartphone or tablet directly, or uploaded to social media platforms.
* The wand is made of high-quality resin!
* Size: 39cm x 4cm x 9cm
Official merchandise - Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts authorized and licensed by Warner Bros.