Head Nap Pillow


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Head Nap Pillow

After a long and stressful day, sometime we all need to take a power nap or just a chance to relax. The head nap Pillow is a dream comes true. Burrow your head and arms into its cozy “cocoon” and you’ll be in dreamland before you know it.

A brand that puts the fun in functional, this is the head-enveloping pillow that blocks out noise and light to create a private zone. The pillow allows users to tune out their surroundings, creating a dark, quiet environment ideal for achieving a deep or restful sleep.


1. Perfect for taking a nap at the office or wherever you can think of
2. Hole for breathing
3. 2 holes for placing your hands in
4. Comfortable, soft material
5. Filled with small particles


Colour: Gray
Material: High-quality cotton & Polyester
Product Dimensions (L x W x T): 42.5 x 36 x 6 cm
Gross weight: 270 g

Package Contents:

1 x Head Nap Pillow

Delivery: Within 3 to 5 working days.(Excl.P.O.Box)