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* 4 XAA 1.5V Alkaline battery needed (not included)
* Birds are extremely annoyed by this device
* animal who do not want to have wet body, like cat, dog, bear, rabbit, etc
* Protect your ponds, lawns, flowerbeds and plants from destructive animals.

* Pest Type : birds
* Color: black and red
How It Works:
* Using infrared technology, this repeller senses an animal's heat and movement up to 35 feet away.
* When an animal is detected, its sprinkler releases a sudden burst of water combined with startling noise and motion that safely and effectively repels a wide range of animals.
* And the animal detector works day or night, so it's always on watch. This motion sensor sprinkler will defend up to 1,900 square feet.
* This repeller eliminates the need to apply chemical repellents, keeping your yard easy and inexpensive to maintain, and safe for children and pets.
* And each spray uses only 2-3 cups of water, so it's efficient.

Package Includes:
* 1 x Hi-Tech Animal Away Scarecrow Garden Jet Spray