Honana BX 26x24x13CM Slow Rebound Memory Cotton Neck Pillow U Type Pillow Storage Pouch


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Honana Slow Rebound Memory Cotton Neck Pillow U Type Pillow Storage Pouch Travel Pillow
Designed based on ergonomics and supports the neck and the whole head with a very good balance. 
Stiff shoulder, can relieve the burden and pain to the spine and neck.

THE NECK U-type PILLOW is the only neck/head/chin pillow that stops the head from falling forward.
The ergonomic shape provides all round comfort and support simultaneously to the head, neck, and chin without strings, buttons, or connectors; available in two sizes for adults and children.
IDEAL FOR AIRPLANE FLIGHTS because it actually works, you can customize it for maximum comfort and quality napping while sitting in the aisle, middle, or window seat.
EXCELLENT FOR ALL FORMS OF TRAVEL because it can help you get some rest and sleep in any sitting position in a car, train, or bus ride.
PERFECT FOR THE HOME as its ergonomic shape is crafted for relaxing and for pleasant sleeping while seated upright in the bed or on a couch; it is compact and easy to store.
EASY CARE AND CARRYING since it is durable and fully machine washable.
Can be washed, in case it becomes dirty, you can remove the cover and wash it cleanly.
A good travel neck pillow for airplane, cars, trains, sleeping and camping.


Brand Honana
Size 26*24*13CM
Material Cotton
Pattern U Type
Use Travel, Home

Package Includes:

1 x Pillow Core
1 x Pillow Coat