Honana HG-GA3 8 Pack Set DIY Bird Repellent Discs Hanging Reflective Discs Garden Reflectors


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Description :
Ideal for bied control, best bird repellent device to scare birds away.
Prevent your gardens, crops, windows, boats, cars and pools from bird damage effectively.
Superior bird reflectors, perfectly repel pigeons, woodpeckers, sparrows and so on by swaying in wind and reflecting more sunshine.
ECO-Friendly, deter birds without any harm to them by alarming them of danger.

Specifications :
Material : Stainless Steel
Length : 11'' / 280mm
Width : 3'' / 75mm
Disc Diameter : 75mm
Each pack contains 16 disks, with 8 hooks and 24 rings to attach the disks together.
Each disk has a diameter of 7.5cm and is reflective on both sides.

Package Includes :
16 x Honana HG-GA3 Discs
8 x Honana HG-GA3 Hooks
24 x Honana HG-GA3 Rings