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Honana Household Tin Foil Oil Paper Aluminum Foil Baking BBQ Paper Oven Grill Mat Silver Rolls


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Description :

Honana Hot Household Tinfoil Oil Paper Aluminum Foil Baking BBQ Paper Oven Grill Mat Paper Silver Rolls Metal Thicken Boxed Kitchen Tool

- Made of thickening of pure oven aluminum foil barbecue bake roast paper, healthy and safe. 
- Durable and ECO-friendly - parcel not easy damaged, heated evenly, make the taste more deliciouse. 
- Some foods (for example, melons, mushrooms, etc.) must be with aluminum foil bag with barbecue,
  to avoid moisture loss, prevent burning, retain freshness. 
- First mixture can in a tin foil baking ingredients, taste more. 
- When baking can be used for baking tray on the mat, on the bottom of the grill can protect the role of the oven. 
- Bake a cake, cake swell to a certain height, the surface color began to change the cake surface with a layer of foil,
  the cake is not easy to paste, also not easy to dry. 
- Good for baking covering leftovers protecting items in the freezer.

Specification :

Brand Honana
Material  Aluminum Foil
Color  Silver
Weight  90g / 130g
Length 5m / 10m
Width 300mm

Package Includes :

1 x Aluminum Foil Paper Roll