Honana KC-618 Round Shape Hamburger Press Aluminum Alloy Hamburger Meat Press Mold


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Description :

Honana KC-618 Round Shape Hamburger Press Aluminum Alloy Hamburger Meat Beef Non-Stick Coating Press Mold 

-These grilling accessories are the perfect gift for men; husband, brother, son, granddad, daddy, and other family members or friends. Use indoors, 
outdoors, camping, cookouts, party, gardens etc.
-Interior ridges give each patty a ribbed surface, which gives them  gorgeous seared look when cooked on grill. Easily cleaned with soap and water, or just throw into dishwasher.
-Aluminum alloy is covered in non-stick coating which means raw meat will never stick to burger press. Make patties without damaging them when turning them out – they will slide right out of the burger press intact.

Specification :

Brand Honana
Model KC-618 
Material  Aluminium Alloy + PP
Color  Silver
Net Weight  260g
Diameter 11 - 12 cm
Height 7.5 cm

Package Includes :

1 x Meat Press Mold