4-9 Inch Grinder Chain Disc 7-22 Tooth Wood Carving Disc for 100/115/125/180/235 Angle


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4-9 Inch Grinder Chain Disc 7-22 Tooth Wood Carving Disc For 100/115/125/180/235 Angle Grinder

Product Name
Chain Disc
Model Number F35492
Stainless Steel
Maximum speed
1 Pc x Chain Disc

Type Diameter Inner Diameter Blade Number Angle Grinder Size Chain Color
A 4 Inch 5/8 Inch 7 100mm Gold
B 4 Inch 5/8 Inch
22 100mm Silver
C 4 Inch 5/8 Inch
22(double chain) 100mm Silver
D 4.5 Inch 7/8 Inch 8 115mm Gold
E 4.5 Inch 7/8 Inch
13 115mm Silver
F 5 Inch 7/8 Inch
9 125mm Silver
G 5 Inch 7/8 Inch
14 125mm Silver
H 7 Inch 1 Inch 13 180mm Silver
I 9 Inch 1 Inch 18 235mm Silver

- Grinder Disc Chain Saw takes the muscle work out of cutting, carving, removing and sculpting of wood, plastics, ice and hard rubber with their speed and maneuverability.
- The chain saw blade is held in place between two steel plates which provides a secure grip for carving.
- Regardless of grain or knots the blade cuts through the material with ease to the user.
- Chains can be either be sharpened using a chain saw file or replaced as need be.
- Great for curved work, like the inside of bowls, for fast waste removal.
It is not advised to use the lock feature on any grinder. Doing so may result in serious injury or even death.
Package Included:
1 Pc x

Grinder Disc and Chain

(The package and the color of the disc would send randomly.)