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Inflatable boxing bag training pressure relief exercise water base punching standing sandbag fitness body building equipment

Thick base: use more smoothly.
Convenient storage: you can let out gas and water when not in use, saving space.

* Main material: PVC
* Color: Silver / Black
* Length:
* 6m/5.25ft
* 5m/4.92ft
* Net weight: 700g (1.6m) / 465g (1.5m)

The product packaging is folded, and there is a water injection port at the bottom. You can inject water into the bottom of the product after receiving the goods and use it after inflation.
Be sure to fill enough water, if the water is not enough, the column may not stand upright and fall easily!
Delivery does not include air pump, gas and water.

Package Includes:
1 x Inflatable Boxing Bag