KCASA Double Modes Pressurize Bidet Shower Toilet Seat Shattaf Bathroom Kitchen Shower Head Sprayer


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 KCASA Double Modes Pressurize Bidet Shower Bathroom Hygeian Faucet 

A bidet shower (bidet spray, bidet sprayer, or health faucet, sometimes colloquially called a "bum gun") is a hand-held triggered nozzle,
similar to that on a kitchen sink sprayer, that delivers a spray of water to assist in anal cleansing and cleaning the genitals after defecation and urination.


The nozzle of the bidet had two annular water outlets, the outer one provides pressurize water flow and the inner one provides soft bubble water flow.
When you rotate the nozzle, these two water modes can be change quickly. 
Water comes when you press the switch, soft bubble mode can be used to taking shower and pressurize water mode can be used to remove stains.
Standard interface fits most shower head or bidet.


Environmental Aspects:

From an environmental standpoint, bidets can reduce the need for toilet paper,
saving households money on paper products and allowing users to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing their paper waste over time.

Health Aspect:

Bidets are beneficial for those who suffer from hemorrhoids or other medical conditions. Toilet paper can be irritating to the sensitive skin in the perineal area, and warmed water provided by some bidets can offer relief. This is also true for older people who have less mobility,
or very young children who cannot wipe themselves.


Brand: KCASA
Material: ABS
Technology: multi-layers electroplating
Length: about 153mm
Weight: about 72mm
Size of the water joint: G1/2
Installation type: wall mounted
Water outlet mode: double functions
Water inlet pressure: about 0.05Mpa to 1.0Mpa
Working pressure: about 0.1Mpa to 0.5Mpa
Function: cleaning bathroom, kitchen; washing bowl, vegetable, frui; washing car, window, toilet, hip or taking a shower for your pet

Package Included:
1x Shower bidet
1x Shower bidet
1x Shower bidet holder
1x 1.2m stainless steel hose
1x Screw set