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KCASA Intelligent Physical Thermal Retardometer Rapidly Lower The Temperature Health Protector


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- Using the principle of semiconductor refrigeration (Peltier effect), the water bladder is cooled by converting electrical energy into heat energy to physically cool patients with heat and remove the heat.
- This product has a cooling, temperature display, and wearing the head after use can eventually maintain a long time constant temperature.
- Because this product uses the energy conversion method, not only high efficiency, but also a continuous process, the cooling effect is significant.
- The product looks stylish, cute; compact body, light weight; portable.
- In addition to children's antipyretic, protect the brain, can be used for students to wake up, adults to alleviate brain fatigue, cold eye woman to ease eye fatigue.
- Long life, 20000 hours, and the use of men, women and children.

Item Type: Intelligent Physical Thermal Retardometer 
Model: LINK-YL01
Color: Blue, Pink
Weight: 71g
Material: Silica Gel
Ambient temperature: 15 ‚ÑÉ ~ 32 ‚ÑÉ.
Water bag capacity: 10 ± 1ml
Rated voltage / frequency: AC 100-220V / 50-60Hz
Host input voltage: DC5.0V
Input power: 50VA
Noise: ≤50dB
Product Size: 101mm × 53mm × 28mm
Headband: 67mm × 4mm × 0.7mm

Package Include:
1 x Host
1 x USB cable

1. With a water injector to the water inside the water bottle, water injector suction once each 3.5ml, suction three times (10.5ml), the use of drinking water (water sac level according to their own comfort level to adjust can not be fully filled )
2. The water jacket onto the product host on the soft plastic.
3. The temperature monitor cable into the host "DC" hole with the host.
4. Plug the power cord into the "Micro" hole of the temperature monitor and connect it to the temperature monitor. Plug the other end into the "USB" hole of the power adapter and connect the power adapter, and connect the power adapter to the power outlet.
5. The antipyreter host put the sky, that is, the water sac placed up. Press the temperature display "switch button", the heatstroke into the working state, the indicator shows green, wait 6 minutes, then the heatspreader host wear on the forehead.
6. After reaching a stable state, the antipyrector will maintain the working state at constant temperature (fever patients will continue to maintain a constant temperature around 28 ± 1 ‚ÑÉ; normal body temperature will continue to be about 26 ± 1 ‚ÑÉ).
7. The antipyretic stop working, press the "open key" to stop working, the light goes out at the same time.

1. Before using this product, please read this product manual carefully
2. Product wear should be correct, the host is right forehead central, and easy to wear elastic.
3. It is forbidden to use rechargeable treasure to supply power to this product!
4. Do not use other adapter power supply to the product!
5. The product should be light 6.1. Before using this product, please read the product manual.
    Gently, can not be crushed, throw touch, soak, fire roasted.
6. The main unit vents must be kept clear. Do not insert vents or needles with hands or paper.
7. In case of malfunction, do not disassemble it yourself. Before cleaning this product, you must cut off the power.
8 using this product, it is recommended to stay away from mobile phones, microwave ovens and other equipment to prevent mutual electromagnetic interference.
9. Do not use water shower, should be properly cleaned.
10. The use of water sac, condensation is a normal phenomenon, rubbed with touch cloth can be.
11. Do not pull the plug by pulling the wire.
12. Do not disassemble the product shell, to prevent accidents. Damaged housing, not allowed.
13. Do not rub the wire with alcohol to prevent the hardening of the wire lead to aging, once the wire aging, the ban on the use, should be promptly replaced.
14. The amount of water into the bladder, do not pay more, so as not to affect the cooling effect, the water in the bladder should use drinking water.
15. Children to use this product must be used under adult guardianship, especially when the child is asleep, should occasionally check the existence of temperature monitor cable or power cord wrapped around the neck of a child, once found, should be promptly arranged to ensure that the two lines Occurrence of wound phenomenon caused by accidental injury!

1. The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.
Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data.