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KCASA KC-HE01 Oral Care Dental Teeth Cleaning Tools Kits Mirror Scraper Scaler Dental Probe


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1. Anti-Fog odontoscope - Perfect to see inside the mouth.
Tweezer - Clean necrotic tissue and food residue.
3. Hoe type cleaning tool - Stirke off the tartar from the backteeth.
4. Dental probe - Removes food from teeth easily.
5. Drepaniform cleaning tool - Cleans In hard to reach places.
Teeth stain cleaning tool - Excavated out the nonviable softening tissues and teeth stain.
7. Suitable for both professional dentists and personal use in oral and dental care.

Item Type:Teeth Cleaning Kits
Material: Stainless steel
Bag Color: Black
Bag Size: About 20 x 5.5cm
Types: 1. O
dontoscope  2. Tweezer  3. Hoe type cleaning tool  4.Dental probe  5. Drepaniform cleaning tool  6. Teeth stain cleaning tool  7. Complete Kits

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