KCASA SH-10 Negative Ions Cotton Core Adjustable Pattern Water Saving Shower Faucet


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Description : 

KCASA SH-10 3 Water Modes Handheld Negative Ions Adjustable Water Saving Pressurize Filter Shower Head

Made of durable stainless steel plate, the product is a pressurize shower head provides you comfortable shower.
With filtered negative ions beads,
 after purifying, the soft water can make your skin and hair smoother and softer, revitalizing your body and keeping your oil glands in balance.
Water saving, KCASA shower head with perforated plate reasonable water yield never wastes water.
Ergonomic hand shank & simple seamless handheld design, it's your best option.:)

Specification : 

Model SH-10
Size 100*60*60mm
Weight 130g
Material ABS+Stainless Steel

Packages Includes : 

1 x KCASA SH-10 Shower Head