KCASA Wireless Electric Drinking Water Pump Bracket Charging Automatic Water Pumping Device


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Description :

KCASA Wireless Electric Drinking Water Pump Bracket Charging Portable Automatic Water Supply Device Portable Drinking Water Bottles Suction 

- Can be fasten on the bottle mouth or use on desk top. 
- With streamline design,One-button operation,iIntelligent fast charging
- Perfectly adapted to the size of the barrelled water.
- Easy to install and use it,press the switch gently, operating at once.
- Suitable for a variety of models barrel without pry the lid.
- Spiral silicone sealing sleeve to avoid water leakage.

- It is recommended to install the outlet pipe by rotating and propelling to reduce friction and improve the life of the sealing sleeve.

Specification :

Material  ABS + 304 Stainless Steel
Color  White
ilicone Inlet Pipe 55 cm
Size  7 x 14 cm
Rated Power 4 W
Rated Voltage 5 V
Power Interface Android USB Wireless Charging
Power Supply 2000mA Lithium Battery 
Rated Frequency 50 Hz
Applicable 5L / 7.5L / 11.3L / 15L / 18.9L Bucket Outlet Diameter Outside Diameter 5.5cm
Under 5L Bucket Outlet Diameter Inner Hole Diameter 1.8cm

Package Includes :

1 x Electric Charging Water Dispenser
1 x 304 Stainless Steel Outlet Pipe
1 x Silicone Inlet Pipe