Led Usb Mosquito Dispeller Repeller Mosquito Killer Lamp Electric Bug Insect Zapper Pest Trap


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Material ABS 
Color Black
Voltage DC 5V
Power 5W
Photosource LED UV
Applicable Area 20-50
SNR 32dB
Power Cord Length 105cm/41.33inch
Size 18 x 15cm/7.08 x 5.90inch
Weight Approx.440g
Classic simple design, reflecting the art of beauty.
ABS material shell, which is toughness, high temperature resistance and wrestling resistance.
Silent design, quiet mosquito, let you feel at ease sleep.
Environmental protection and zero radiation without radiation, mother and baby care.
360° LED light source trapping, soft light is not hurt, safe not heat, no radiation, no pollution.
Wind suction mosquito, high power fan produce whirlpool airflow, strong suction will be close to the mosquito inhalation mosquito box.
Anti-escape set mosquito box, mosquitoes were inhaled into the mosquito box, and then dehydrated and died, safe and quiet.
USB interface is convenient to use, you can kill mosquitoes all the time.
One key open, easy to operate, for living room, bedroom, restroom, study, balcony and office.

Package Included:
1 x LED Mosquito Lamp
1 x USB Cable