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Locksmith Tools Broken Key Remove Auto Extractor Set

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$16.99 - $26.99
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* Ideal for mechanic and locksmiths to get out broken keys.
* Locks provide us with security we need not only at home but something else. But the daily use of our keys over years can cause metal fatigue and breakage.
* Trying to get a broken key out of a lock can be tricky. This is a broken key removal set that is great for your home or office and a must have for anyone.

12PCS Type:
* Quantity: 12pcs
Material: Stainless Steel
* Color: Blue
* Hook length: Approx 13.5cm/5.31 inch
* Needle length: Approx 10cm/3.94 inch
10PCS Type:
* Color: Grey
* Quantity: 10pcs
* Material: Plastic & Iron
* Needle length: Approx 10.5cm / 4 inch
* Hook length: Approx 7.5cm / 3 inch
5PCS Type:
* Color: Silver
* Quantity: 5pcs
Material: Stainless Steel
* Card Set Type:
* Include: 5pcs inside

Package Includes:
As Shown in figure of you choose