Loopdedoo® - Spinning Loom


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Loop de doo - spinning loom

Making the coolest accessories in minutes is easy and fun. The Loopdedoo® spinning loom lets you create designs by taking embroidery thread and then spinning it into accessory magic. The Loopdies® you make will be cute and colorful—but you can take them up a notch by adding your own beads, pom poms, tassels, or charms.*
What can you do with Loopdedoo?
* You can make a bracelet in under 10 minutes or...
* ...make necklaces, headbands, anklets, belts, zipper pulls and more!
* Be creative: change the thickness of the threads, the colours, or the looping style.
* Braid them, stitch them, or loop them together—there's no end to what you can do!
* Suitable age: Ages 8+
*While we provide plenty of inspiration, we don’t supply all the thread, beads, or accessories shown. We thought you’d like to select those unique materials yourself!

Package Includes:
* 1 x Loop De Doo - Spinning Loom
This is a 100% Original/Authentic licenced product