Manual Ceramic Coffee Grinder with Brush


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Manual Ceramic Coffee Grinder with Brush


  • It may be washed, the overall grinding machine cannot be washed; bottom of the glass tank can be stored in coffee powder, convenient and time-saving.
  • Streamlined design, beautiful and generous, glass bottle, intuitive appreciation, at a glance, allowing you to enjoy the coffee grinding fun.
  • Grinding disc design, more durable grinding machine can adjust the thickness, grinding evenly.
  • Professional blade ceramic grinding core three forced design, beans grinding easily and quickly, beans grinding not heat, the coffee taste is not lost
  • Removable anti-skid, anti-collision at the end of the block more convenient, safe and secure.
  • Professional distribution cleaning brush, convenient and quick daily cleaning.


  • Material: PP + stainless steel + ceramic
  • Size : 9 cm x 20.5 cm
  • Available colors : Rose red, black and chocolate.


  • Remove the nut, rocker handle and L-type support from the center of the grinder.
  • Increase the central screw on one hand and gently rotate the gear nut-shaped piece clockwise to a slight degree. Be careful not to spoil too hard to avoid damaging the internal structure of the machine.
  • Retain the L-shaped bracket, the holder of the long strap attached in any of the arts-nut-shaped groove, and as a zero-degree of grinding marks.
  • A gear nut-plate groove shape is regarded as a trellis.
  • Rotate the gear nut plate-shaped anti-sense hor 2-ary grid 5, the thickness of the milling applies the espresso coffee machine and mocha coffee pot.
  • For counter clockwise rotation of the gear nut plate-shaped grid 6 to 8, the thickness of grinding to American coffee machine, hand-washed and pressure-type coffee pot.
  • The counter clockwise rotation of the gear nut 9-11 grade, thickness grinding for the plug-style coffee pot (siphon pot).
  • Thickness grinding may be based on personal taste and cooking habits for fine-tuning, the above description is for reference only.
  • Adjust the grind, and then put the rocker handle and turn nut and tighten, you can start grinding the beans.


  • Milling grinding machine, not too much use once, enough to use the weight of just one, the longer the use of an easier grinder heat indirectly in the coffee bean grinding process due to the heat and bring to Early release of aroma, will affect the coffee aroma after cooking.
  • Coffee beans contain oil, for milling machine should be cleaned after grinding, or antifouling grease long it will be like rot, even the high level of grain, but also ground into a powder strange smell.
  • In the grinding process, do not turn too fast, you should turn smoothly, as far as possible so that the core does not produce friction heat.

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Grinder
  • 1 X Brush