Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 61 Keys - 6 Options


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  • Brand: KEMOVE
  • Model: SnowFox / Shadow
  • Keys Amount: 61 Keys
  • Colour: White / Black
  • Switch: Gateron Axis Switch (Blue Switch, Brown Switch, Red Switch)
  • Connection USB: Type-C Wired Bluetooth 5.1
  • Material: PBT full-closed two-colour injection moulding
  • Cable: 1.5m USB Cable
  • Size: 293 x103 x38mm
  • Weight: 768g
  • System Support: Windows / Android / Mac
  • Anti-Ghost Key: NKRO
  • Backlit: RGB backlight
  • Battery: 3000ma


  • 60% classic compact design: The mechanical keyboard has a perfect size, adjustable bracket, two gear heights are adjustable, nxp nxp high-end 64-bit master control, RGB independent control ic, mechanical switch hot-swap switch and 3000ma large-capacity battery
  • Customizable large on-board memory: all buttons are programmable, built-in large-capacity onboard memory, you can customize click/magic fn function, program association settings, you can specify different programs to apply different button settings and Light effects, keyboard layout settings and macro settings, sleep settings, you can set the sleep switch and sleep time
  • Remove RGB driver: powerful software editing function, required personalized functions, custom advanced functions and offline macros, support hardware detection, music rhythm, dynamic lighting effects editing, fn key customization (can be defined as any key) ), Program association settings, support hardware detection, music rhythm, dynamic light effects, you can edit and superimpose a variety of light effects, music rhythm effects, you can jump with the sound effects of the player, no external sound source is required, fn combination key function can Custom, you can set multimedia, Bluetooth, light adjustment buttons at will.
  • PBT fully closed two-colour injection keycap: wear resistance and hardness is much higher than abs keycap, and has oil resistance, can provide the best typing and gaming experience. You can also use another mechanical shaft you like (such as Cherry, Kaith) to replace it by hot plugging.
  • This keyboard has a powerful software editing function, you can edit and implement any RGB lighting effects and functions, you can edit the dynamic lighting effects you need, and save to the keyboard
  • We preset four configuration layers, each configuration layer can save 5 user-edited light effects, and can also independently save the key settings and macro applications, and support saving on the keyboard, on the keyboard Switch to use

Package Included:

  • 1 xKEMOVE 61 Keys Keyboard
  • 1 xKeycap Puller
  • 1 xUSB-C Cable
  • 3 xSwitch