New Fruit Infuser Bottle


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New Fruit Infuser Bottle


  • Drink directly from the bottle without having to remove the fruit basket holder.
  • Take advantage of the many health benefits a glass of water with lemon juice can provide, including boosting your immune system, aiding digestion, combating ageing and repairing your skin.
  • Keep a bottle in the car, at the office, or give one to your partner and both enjoy refreshing flavored water all day long. 


  • Material: BPA Free AS
  • Leak-proof cap
  • Bottle Capacity: 700 ml
  • Size:  6 x 24.5 cm / 2.36 x 9.64 inches
  • Net Weight: 153 g 

Package Include:

  • 1 X New Fruit Infuser Bottle

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