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Pair of Automatic Step in Shoe Covers


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Pair of Automatic Step in Shoe Covers

Features & Specifications:

  • Automatic Step in Shoe Covers (1 Pair)  
  • Keep the Floor Clean - The Step in Shoe Cover will give you instant cover for the shoe when you go indoors. You are able to keep the floor clean while walking indoors.
  • Perfect for Home Workers that are constantly needing to enter homes to fix appliances, do quotes, or for Realtors demoing a lot of homes, prevent the shoes from dirtying a nice clean house you're about to enter.
  • Quick -  just set the shoe cover flat on a level surface, step on and the device will immediately wrap itself around the bottom of your shoes, On and Off within 10 seconds!
  • Hands FREE - To remove the shoe cover, just peel it off your shoe, and take it with you. Best for people with back pain or with difficulty with movement
  • One size fits most, these Hands-free Reusable Shoe Covers are designed to fit all sizes up to men's 13; Made of a thin layer of vinyl on the bottom, can provide great traction for the user.
  • Random color selection

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Pair of Automatic Step in Shoe Covers