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Parker vector standard triple ct pen set

* Molded plastic barrel and cap in high gloss colors with contrasting trim
* Fitted with the stainless steel nib
* Standard nib grades available in medium
* Fitted with twin-channeled ink feed and collector system
* For use with ink cartridges or convertible to ink bottle filling
* The cap on / cap off supplied with standard rollerball refill with navigator technology
* Cap action fitted with a standard ballpoint refill
* Ink & cartridges: Piston-style converter and the replaceable refill

* Material: abs plastic
* Nib material: stainless steel
* Clip material: stainless steel
* Available Pen colours: Red, Blue, and Black.
* Ink color: Blue

Package Includes:
* 1 X Parker Vector Ball Pen
* 1 X Parker Vector Roller Ball Pen
* 1 X Parker Vector Ink Pen