Waterproof Pet Seat Cover

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Waterproof Pet Seat Cover

This large seat cover protects vulnerable upholstery from the aftereffects of a pet's presence. Its durable polyester and plastic construction defends against fur, claws, or messes resulting from a raucous dog card game. The cover quickly installs in car interiors without compromising access to seatbelt buckles and headrests. It can also protect home interiors when strewn over a couch or chair. Best of all, the cover wipes clean with a damp cloth or single lick from Falcor. 


  • Fits over car interiors and sofa cushions 
  • Zippered skirt for a snug fit 
  • Slits for seat belts and headrests 
  • Waterproof polyester and plastic 
  • Quick installation and removal 
  • Wipe clean 
  • Size: 130cm x 145cm 
  • Colours: Red and khaki(Random colour selection)

Package Includes

1 x Waterproof Pet Seat Cover