Play Dirt Monster Truck Rally Box Set


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Play Dirt - Monster Truck Rally Box Set 907gms


  • The Cleanest Dirt on Planet Earth!
  • It looks and feels like real dirt, but without the mess! Soft, pliable and loads of FUN!
  • Now kids can play with the "Cleanest Dirt on Planet Earth" and Mums will love it!
  • Indoor Dirt that is Easy to Mold with Easy Clean up and Can be Used Over and Over again.
  • Bury, Dig and Make Tracks to play.
  • Shape Dirt To Form Different and Unique Shapes and Patterns Indoors.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic Formula. Made from All Natural Materials. Cleanest Dirt that is Mess and Germ-Free.
  • On purchase, Play Dirt needs to breathe! For optimal play, remove your Play Dirt from its plastic bag and loosen it up with your hands.
  • Allow it to sit in the open for several hours.
  • When you come back to your Dirt it will be ready to play!
  • Play mat, friction-powered trucks, and unique Play Dirt material for creating the ultimate Monster Truck scene
  • Encourages fine motor skills, sensory exploration, creativity, imaginative play
  • Mould and build hours of exploration and adventure!
  • Unique Play Dirt feels like real dirt but without the mess – Soft, pliable, and moldable
  • Mould dirt into jumps, bumps, and all kinds of custom obstacles
  • Suitable Age: Ages 3+

Package Includes:

  • Play Dirt 907gms
  • 2 x Friction Powered Monster Trucks / Road Roller
  • 1 x Play Mat for incredible Monster Truck action

Note: Play Dirt is made from natural materials and can vary slightly in colour and texture