Polyester Fiber Anion Energy Ball Beautify Hip Cushion Breathable Sofa Office Massage Cushion


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Breathable Anion Energy Ball Beautify Hip Cushion

Fabric: breathable mesh + polyester fiber
Filling: anion ball
Type: seat cushion, back cushion
Color: rose red
Size: 45X42X8cm
Weight: 700g

Anion balls, produce negative ions uninterruptedly, have alleviate human fatigue, improve microcirculation, promote human health effects. Besides, they can inhibit the growth of bacteria and have deodorize function. Breathable moisture absorption.
As a seat cushion, to ease pressure of the buttocks, squeeze the muscles on both sides to the middle, can shaped and beautify hip.
As a back cushion,  can relax stiff back muscles.
It can correct your bad sitting habits and make your buttocks more beautiful, and  the spine traction can be in normal physiological curve.
Mesh fabric, comfortable and breathable.
Fashion design, cater to the people's requirement who love beauty.

Package included:
1X Anion Ball Cushion