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PowerCube Remote Extended + Power Remote | White

The PowerCube Remote takes user-friendliness to a whole new standard. With one big "Step-On" button on the PowerRemote you can turn ON/OFF the PowerCube from a distance using either your hands or feet. The reusable "Sticky-Pad" on the remote can be used to attach it wherever it is easy to find and reach, so you will never lose it.

Remote allows you to turn off/on power from distance
Docking mount allows you to mount the Power-Cube anywhere you want: even on a wall or below a table - wherever it is the most convenient for you
No need to crawl below your desk to plug in e.g. your laptop
The PowerCube can easily be fixed onto the dock: just rotate the PowerCube 90 degrees, and it locks into place
Any side of the PowerCube can be used for docking, so the PowerCube can be oriented in any direction
Can be removed without having to worry about leaving any glue residues or scratching your desk’s surface: just pull the tabs, and the dock easily comes off, without leaving any glue residue

Socket type : Type I
No. outlets : 4
Rated AC : 16A/250V~
Cable length : 1.5m
Cable thickness : 3x1.5mm²
CableFix : Yes
Grounded : Yes
Childproof : Yes
ON/OFF switch : Yes
Remote range : 25m
Remote signal : 2.4GHz
Remote battery : No batteries needed, works on kinetic energy
Color: White

Power Cube Video:

Package Contents:

1 x Power Remote
1 x Mounting Dock
1 x Removable Tapes