Pram Hand Muff


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Pram Hand Muff

>Handling prams with cold wet hands or clumsy conventional gloves is a hassle.
>Wearing conventional gloves means you cannot use your mobile phone, your wallet or reach into your bag effectively.
Stay warm, cosy, and comfortable with our pram glove.
>With such gloves, mothers don't have to worry about with the baby is out in the cold winter.
>When to do other things or with a baby in her arms, hands can draw out immediately, very convenient.

>Keep your hand warm and dry while walk with the baby stroller in bad weather. Especially in cold region.
>Designed to make parent's life easier.
>Muffs stay on the handlebar of your pram or pushchair, so you can slip your hands in and out every time you need, easily and quickly.
>Water resistant polyester from outside protects them from rain or wind, and sheep wool from inside keeps your hands warm and cosy.
>Very easy to use.

>Material: polyester, Soft cotton
>Colour: Black
>Size: approx. 25*53cm
>Weight: 250g

Package included:
>1 x Pram Hand Muff