Prolash + Eyeliner Pencil- 2 Pack


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Prolash + Eyeliner Pencil

Prolash with eyeliner pencil is a great combination to make your eyes look beautiful and outstanding. Its densely black waterproof formula keeps your eyes highlighted fearless from water drops. The eyeliner can make your eyes look bigger and sparkled. This moderate combo helps your makeup look delicate and realistic. It is easy to make up with the smooth draw and can stay all day long.

Features & Specifications:
>Light and supple texture.
>Long lasting
>It can smoothly clear the depicted line.
>Water proof
>Non-blooming effect.
>Irritation free and clinically approved.
>Never stir like ordinary mascara.

Package Include:
2 x Prolash+ Eyeliner Pencil

Step 1:-Draw a series of points or crashes. connect the dots.
Step 2:- Smooth your line
Step 3:- Apply low eye line.
Step 4:- Add your tail, from Part A to Part C to Part B. Finished.