Prolash+ Fiber Lash Extender


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Prolash+ Fiber Lash Extender

Prolash+ extender is perfect for those women who want vibrant glamorous eyelashes.You will absolutely love Prolash+Lash extender instead of slick black mascara. It's the beauty secret to add instant volume and length to your lashes. Enriched with panthenol. Simply apply in between 2 coats of mascara and notice the difference instantly, stays on all day is easily removed with makeup remover. This dynamic eye duo creates dramatic, glamorous looks without the expense of false eyelashes or the hassle of training a caterpillar to balance on each lid.

Features & Specifications:

  • Natural lash-enhancer and mascara double features.
  • Creates dramatic, glamorous lashes.
  • Lash extender's natural formula contains tiny fibers that add length and volume to lashes or sparse evergreens.
  • Deep black mascara adds length, curl, and thickness.

Note: Please remove contact lances before applying Prolash+ eyelash enhancer.

Package Include:

  • 1 X Prolash+ Fiber Lash Extender

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