Pvc Lightweight Water Slide Mat Water - 2 Options


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Product introduction: There is a water spray function on one side. The product does not need to be inflated. After connecting the water pipe, the water will continue to spray out, and it needs to be connected to the faucet. It is recommended to use it on the grass.
Product packaging: single plastic bag packaging
Version: Single, Dual person (Option)
Name: Children Water Slide
Material: Environmental Protection PVC
Dual Person Size: About 4.8mx1.4m
Single Size: About 4.8mx70cm
Occasion: Suitable for Outdoor, such as Yard, Lawn, Park, Garden and so on.
Lightweight and portable for easy play anywhere.
Two Way For Fun:
1: Connect the faucet, there will be continuous water spouting, fun and overturning
2: Directly pour down the waterslide with a bucket of water and you can slide it up. Simple and happy to play
Package Included: 1x Water Slide Mat