Red Quick Acting Hold Down Clamp Aluminum Alloy T-slot T-track Clamp Set Woodworking Tool


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Aluminum Alloy Quick Acting Hold Down Clamp T-Slot T-Track Clamp Set with T Slot And Round Hole Accessories

Product Name Quick Acting Hold Down Clamp
Model Number B15541
Material Aluminum Alloy
Color Red
Max Vertical Clamping 63.64mm
Max Flat Clamping 57.08mm
Pressure Plate Width
Thread Size M8
Thread Length 120mm
T Slot Slide Size 23x8mm
Round Slide Size Diameter 30mm and Diameter 20mm
Hold Down Clamps, T Track Clamp, Woodworking Table Clamp

1. Puts clamping pressure anywhere along the flush-mounted T-Slot T-Track.
2. Slides into T-Track and quickly secures with the turn of the hand knob.
3. Useful in many woodworking and metalworking applications for work holding, positioning, and fixturing.
4. Very versatile. Also perfect for clamping jigs and fixtures.
5. 2 kinds of sliders to meet different work requirements.
Package Included:
1x Quick acting hold down clamp
1x T slot slide
1x Round plate