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Beat and Strike Massage
Simulated human hand massage aims to relieve muscle strain and promote healthy circulation.
Acupuncture Massage
Low-frequency current massage on acupuncture points to clear blocked meridians and regulate the
immune systems
Scrapping Massage
Placing on acupuncture points or strained areas causes the body to excrete intracellular toxins and improves metabolism.
Kneading and Manipulation Massage
Massaging stimulates cell growthimproves local tissue temperaturedialation of capillariesimproves blood and lymph circulation and regulates bodily functions.
Squeezing Massage
Squeezing acupuncture points activates local cellspromotes circulation and relieve muscle stress.
Streamline Dynamic Design
Derived from Ferrari’s streamlined designthe casing paint process exemplifies the highest quality.
Exclusive Color Screen Design
The new generation Relax Medic Digital Meridian Massager utilizes a color screen design in both Chinese and English that is clearer and easier to use.
Colors Options :
Lake Blue
Lemon Yellow