Six Pocket Handbag Holders


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Six Pocket Handbag Holders

Handbag holder is new and latest creation in the fashion world that helps to maintain the value of our expensive handbags. It saves handbags from dust, scratch and wet. Keeps your handbags perfectly safe and protected, its transparent slip helps you see and select. At a time you can store six handbags with this bag holder. Best item if you like to gift your friends or relatives.


  • Efficient way to store your bags
  • Protect favorite handbags from getting out of shape and dusty
  • Holds 6 bags each side
  • Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth ): 90cm x 35cm x35cm
  • Each slot can fit 30cm height bag (Approx)
  • Available colours: Pink, dark Green, Purple or Light Green
Package Include:- 

1 x Six Pocket Handbag Holders