Sticky Note Memo Pad With 2017-2018 Calendar


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Sticky Note Memo Pad With 2017-2018 Calendar


It is elegant and sophisticated memo pad with upcoming calendars with small well designed case. It is perfect for office as well as study use, looks pretty or colourful and makes your desk well organized and memorized. It has 14 colourful memo note pads with multiple vibrant colours.



  • Ø Stored in an elegant case.
  • Ø With 2017 and 2018 calendar included.
  • Ø Ideal for the office, home and school.
  • Ø A really stylish gift, looks great on the desk.
  • Ø 14 colourful memo note pads.
  • Ø Contains around 1900 sticky memo notes.


Delivery: Within 2 working days.