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Ugreen Micro Hdmi + Mini Hdmi Male to Hdmi Female Adapter (20144)

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Ugreen mini hdmi and micro hdmi 2-in-1 adapters adapt an hdmi cable to fit into a mini or micro hdmi port on a smartphone, laptop, camcorder, camera, or tablet to connect to hdtv.
* Compatible with many mobile devices, connect your favorite mobile devices to HDMI outputs, Some newer camcorders and digital cameras are equipped with a mini HDMI connector to support high resolution content.
* Some newer smartphones and tablets are equipped with Micro HDMI connector to support high resolution content.
* Supports 1080p, Deep Color, TrueHD, DTS-HD and 3D
* Compact design for easy transport and storage
* Gold Plated Connectors
* Type D Micro HDMI and Type C Mini HDMI to Type A HDMI Male to Female