USB Charging Personal Mini Spray Fan


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USB Charging Personal Mini Spray Fan 

Features and Specifications:

  • Spray mode helps decrease 3°C to 5°C.
  • Suitable for indoor like office or outdoor activities.
  • Operated by convenient and quick USB charging.
  • Available colors: Pink , green and blue.


  • Water leakage is normal when the Fan & Spray mode is operating, please wipe the water with a dry cloth or paper towel.
  • Clean water or mineral water is recommended. Please charge the fan before it’s running out of battery. You may charge whilst using the fan.
  • If the water flow is not smooth enough, you may move or shake the water pipe for better drainage.

How to Use:

  • DC5V voltage for USB Charging Port, red light indicates status of charging, goes off when fully charged.
  • When the ON / OFF switch is on, blue light indicates the fan is operating.
  • Press the Control Key for 3 different modes: fan, spray, fan & spray.
  • The default setting for automatic spray is 1-hr, refill water and re-press the start button to continue.
  • Battery life: 5-hr for Spray, 7-hr for Fan, 3-hr for Fan & Spray. 

Package Include:

  • 1 X USB Charging Personal Mini Spray Fan