USB Powered White Black LED Mosquito Killer Night Lamp Light Fly Bug Insect Zapper DC5V


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1. Silent design, quiet mosquito, let you feel at ease.
2. Zero radiation, maternal and child safety.
3. Light media mosquito, 360 degree led light source trapping, soft light .
4. Wind suction mosquito, high power fan, suction vortex, dc fan produce whirlpool airflow, strong suction will be close to the mosquito inhalation mosquito box.
5. Can cover 20 square meters, for living room, bedroom, study.
6. Classic simple, black and white design, reflecting the art of beauty.
7. Environment friendly physical mosquito, light induced inhalation, no radiation no noise.
8. Anti-escape set mosquito box, mosquitoes were inhaled  into the mosquito box, and then dehydrated and died, safe, quiet.

Material: ABS Plastic
Color: black/white
Voltage: DC5V
Frequency: 50Hz
Power cord length: 110cm/43.3"
Size: 125cm x 190mm/4.9" x 7.5"
Applicable area: 20 square meters

Package Included:
1x LED Mosquito Killer