Visbella® Diy Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit


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Benefits & features
  • Make permanent, perfectly blended repairs
  • Matches all popular colors and grains
  • Does not distort during the curing process
  • Saves cost on expensive repair or replacement
  • Wide range of applications including automotive and boating upholstery, furniture, luggage, jackets, carpets and more
Works on
This repair kit is good for repairing any burn holes, chips, rips, blemishes, imperfections, & cracks on wood, Formica, paneling, plastic, or any hard surface, like, Automotive Upholstery &ampure, Leather Jackets & Clothing: sofa, Couch, Auto sheets, Tops, Dash, Boat seats, upholstery, luggage, apparel and carpets.
  • Car Upholstery, Dashboards, Motorcycle Seats, Vinyl Tops, RV Upholstery, Briefcases, Furniture, Footwear

Kit Contains

  • 7 x Heat Cure Repair Compounds
  • 1 x 15gm Repair Adhesive
  • 1 x Heat Transfer Tool
  • 2 x Grain Paper
  • 1 x Backing Fabric
  • 1 x Mixture Cup
  • 1 x Leather piece
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Glove
  • 1 x Spatula