Waterproof Electric Scrubbing Shower Brush


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Waterproof Electric Scrubbing Shower Brush

Electronic scrubbing brush is soft and gentle shower brush; it replaces the use of loofahs and poufs. It is multipurpose showering brush that can be used for massaging, scrubbing and cleaning complete body that we unable to do with our hands and shower loofahs. It easily works with body soaps; its long and easy handle helps you to clean back and all over the body.

Features & Specifications:

  • Ø Five alterable brushes for massaging, cleaning, or scrubbing
  • Ø Can be used with soap
  • Ø 9-inch handle facilitate back scrubbing
  • Ø Waterproof and ready for shower and bath
  • Ø Comes with a wrist strap
  • Ø Material: water-resistant ABS plastic
  • Ø Handle length: 9”
  • Ø Power: three AA batteries(not included)
  • Ø Comes with an English manual
  • Ø Dimensions: 29.0 cm×24.0 cm×9.4 cm

Delivery: Within 7 to 21 working days.