Wood Carbide Insert Milling Cutter Torx Screws for Wood Turning Tool Woodworking


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Wood Carbide Insert Milling Cutter Torx Screws For Wood Turning Tool Woodworking


Material of Blade: Carbide
Hardness of Blade: 90HRC
Color of Blade: Sliver
Quantity: 1pcs

Type: M4, M5
Fastener Type: Machine Screw
Material of screw : Tungsten Steel
Screw Drive Type: Torx
Coating: Black Oxide
Quantity: 10pcs

Model Type Quantity Size
Style Blade A Square 1pc 14mm
Style Blade B Square Round 1pc 15mm
Style Blade C Round 1pc 12mm
Style Blade D Chamfering 1pc 28mm
Style Blade E Sharpe 1pc 30mm
Screw M4 10pcs M4-10
Screw M5 10pcs M5-12

- Cutter rotates give you numerous fresh edges without sharpening.
- Good chemical stability, heat resistance, good wear resistance, high hardness.
- High accuracy, stable performance.
- Easy to use, not easy to rust.
- Durable in use.
- Perfect for processing wood.
- Mutil type meet all your wood DIY work need.
- M4 screws fits for C,D,E type blades, M5 screws fits for A,B type blades.

Application: Ideal for giving you a smooth finish on curved, concave surfaces, hollowing jobs and for general turning applications.

Package Included:
1 x Carbide insert
10 x Screws