XIAOMI MIJIA Original Garden Household Mosquito Dispeller Harmless Mosquito Insect Repeller


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Description :

XIAOMI MIJIA Newest Mosquito Killer
Brand    Xiaomi
Model Mijia Newest Mosquito Killer
Color Warm White
Rated Voltage 3.0V
Rated Power 0.03W
Size  98.3mm x 98.3mm x 58.4mm / 3.87" x 3.87" x 2.3"
Weight 133g
Material  PP+ ABS 
( bottom is made of high quality organic silicone )
General Function
Main Feature  Built-in Little Fan Drive Volatilize,No Need Heating
No Need Plug into. (you can place it in anywhere you like)
One Button Timing Setting, Ten Hours Timing Setting 

Easy & Fast Using for Home 
Total Energy Saving, More than 90 days using in one Time
Effective Area ≤28m³ House or Any Room You Like 
(if you house is bigger than that, you can buy two or more mijia Mosquito Killer for using)
How to use use your palm press and anti-clockwise rotate 
(  simple as you want )
Power By  2 x AA Battery (  Included for you )
Working Time  More than 90 days with effecttive Use 


Product Model Feature Product ID
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Xiaomi Zmi Nesest Portable Mostiqo Repeller   -Rounded corner design, silicone portable rope, anti twist
240 hours effective time ( Long lasting over 30 Days for 8 hours a day)
- Battery Powered, Rotation Drive, Centrifugal Volatilization
  Xiaomi Mijia Mosquito Dispeller Replace Mat -Replacement Piece for Xiaomi Mijia Original Mosquito Dispeller.
- Validity is about 720 hours, so we can use it about 90 days for 8 hours a day.

Package Includes :

1 x XIAOMI Mosquito Dispeller
1 x XIAOMI Mosquito Repellent Mat
2 x XIAOMI AA Battery
1 x XIAOMI User Manual

Q&A :

Q : How to use this XIAOMI Mosquito Dispeller?

    A : This XIAOMI Mosquito Dispeller is powered by two AA batteries, without connect charge line. It's driven by fan volatilization, not heating.
          It is better to volatilize and drive the mosquitoes by using Honeycomb structure design.
          Press the button to start work, and if you want to enter 10-Hour Timing Setting Mode, just press and hold to the button.
se your palm press and anti-clockwise rotate to open the top cover, then you can change the mat and batteries easily.

Q : How long does the battery lasting?

    A : This XIAOMI Mosquito Dispeller use two AA Alkaline Batteries. For 8 hours working time a day, it can lasting 30-45 days.
         Then you can change it by yourself.

Q : How long does the XIAOMI Mosquito Repellent Mat lasting?

    A : Through the professional testing, the mosquito repellent mat can be lasting about 720 hours.
          For 8 hours working time a day, it can lasting about 90 days.
          It is suit for the room ≤ 28㎡, for the bigger room, please get more Mosquito Dispeller in different area.

Q : Where can I buy the replacement of XIAOMI Mosquito Repellent Mat when finished?

    A : The replacement of XIAOMI Mosquito Repellent Mat will be sold separately later, please continue to follow us!